Alma Property Partners and the property developer AG Gruppen have agreed to build 231 apartments comprising approximately 18,860 sqm in the Herlev area of greater Copenhagen. The zoning plan has just been approved and the project will aim to obtain DGNB Gold certification.

The project in Herlev represents the second cooperation between Alma Property Partners and AG Gruppen. The parties announced in March 2020 that they were planning to build approximately 200 apartments in Albertslund municipality. Hüseyin Meric, Head of Denmark at Alma Property Partners, is pleased to expand the cooperation with AG Gruppen and says, “We are targeting to invest in high-quality apartments in Greater Copenhagen that have a green profile and, more importantly, are affordable for middle-income households. Our project in Herlev has an attractive location close to ring road 3 and the upcoming light rail station and offers a good mix of apartment types and sizes that will create a diverse offering for our residents.”

In addition to the 231 apartments, the project consists of 231 parking spaces, a large communal roof terrace and a courtyard with greenhouses for the tenants. “A green profile is an important part of AG Gruppen’s DNA, and we continuously work to improve and develop in this field,” says Robin Feddern, CEO of AG Gruppen. The project has been designed with sustainability as a central focus area – from the building materials and energy consumption to the development of a framework that supports the social and lifestyle aspects of future residents. Robin Feddern adds: “We are very much looking forward to getting started with the project in Herlev, which is a city that is developing quickly. We are grateful to the municipality of Herlev for welcoming our ideas and for the good and open cooperation during the zoning process.” Construction of the apartments is expected to begin in early 2021 and the first stage will be completed by mid-2022.

Thomas Gyldal Petersen, the Mayor of Herlev, welcomes the new development project in the city. “Together with AG Gruppen and Alma Property Partners, we are now breathing new life into the community with a mixed housing and business area. There is an emphasis on diversity that benefits both people and businesses,” he says. There are several residential projects planned in the area and the idea is to create synergy between businesses and residential housing with, for example, businesses opening their canteens to residents in the area to pick up dinner on the way home from work. There are also significant infrastructure investments being made locally such as the opening of a new light rail station in 2025.

Accura and KPMG were advisers to Alma Property Partners and Bruun & Hjejle to AG Gruppen.

For further information, please contact:

Robin Feddern, CEO, AG Gruppen

+45 21 64 54 22

Hüseyin Meric, Head of Denmark, Alma Property Partners
+45 31 65 00 42