Häggvik Retail

A modern retail hub designed with the future in mind

The Häggvik area in Sollentuna is rapidly growing and transforming and we created a necessity retail hub to meet the strong consumer demand for retail services. In November 2020, Alma Property Partners and Mässing Properties opened a new modern retail destination that goes by the name “Häggvik” and includes 30,000 sqm of grocery, discount retail, health services and restaurants. Welcome to Häggvik!

Acquisition date June 2017
Property Type Necessity Retail
Location Sollentuna, Sweden
Area 30 000 m²

Starting point

Häggvik is superbly located at the intersection where the E4 highway intersects with Norrortsleden and the Stockholm bypass project (Förbifart). The intersection, which is already one of the busiest and most important traffic hubs in Stockholm, will become even busier once the bypass highway is opened for traffic.

We acquired an older light industrial building that was outdated and not the right product for the location. The large retail area across the street was being transformed into 8,000 residential units situated in a city block type of environment. We had the opportunity to be a part of this major transformation.

Our vision

To create a modern retail area customised to the needs of an area in rapid expansion. We worked closely with the municipality to optimize the zoning plan and design an attractive “golden” retail hub that could be seen as a gateway to Häggvik. Leasing work began immediately – even before the acquisition was made – with the aim to attract leading grocery, discount retail, restaurant and consumer services tenants to the shopping needs of 250,000 potential Häggvik consumers.

The Result

Grocery Stores
Discount Retailers
Health Services


Alma in a strategic partnership with Mässing Properties is creating a modern shopping destination in Häggvik adapted to the future retail needs of tenants and consumers. The catchment area is huge with close to 250,000 potential Häggvik customers within a 10-minute journey who will benefit from more convenient everyday shopping. We are excited to welcome these customers to this modern retail, food and wellness hub when stores open.

Simon de Château
Partner, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer
Alma Property Partners